Rowandale Quarry - Development History of Section Four

The base of the section at mid October 2019
The base has the same construction as the other sections; made from two 50mm slabs of builders insulation board, with the track base formed from two layers of 3mm grey board, topped with cork. The return loops will be hidden under a hill, with a quarry face in front and maybe an ancient monument on top. The opto-reflective train sensors have been fitted to the exit end of the hidden loops, but not wired yet to their circuit boards. In front are the small quarry sidings. The track ends have been aligned with the tracks on the adjacent board, but point motors are not fitted yet.
This is the track plan for the final return loop quarry section. The double main line enters at top right and loops round, hidden under the quarry, and has a storage siding, so that one train can enter and be held, while a different train exits. The quarry siding is also on this section.
So that trains can be run again as soon as possible, these sections will initially just have the track bases and track laid. Points control and isolation sections will then be connected to the computer for route selection from the control panel. Topography, buildings and scenery will then be added to each section in turn.
History of Sections One, Two & Three are on Separate Pages Track layout for main line return loop and quarry.
The full plan is shown here:
Full track plan.
The development of the sections of Rowandale; are each recorded on separate pages.
Track laid for hidden return loops and for quarry sidings.



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